Visiting Vienna

vienna, europe trip, travel, the life eclectic, caroline culwell

Our next stop on our eventful trip was Vienna, Austria. At this point everyone was over their illnesses and ready to make up for lost time. After arriving at the train station we stopped for lunch at an awesome little restaurant, Vapiano’s. After eating we wasted no time at all in exploring Vienna.

vienna, austria, europe trip, travel, the life eclectic, caroline culwell

vienna, austria, europe trip, travel, the life eclectic, caroline culwell

The weather was wonderful, the people were lively, and there were so many historical sights to see! The statues were huge and elegant, and all of the churches has intricate stained glass windows and beautifully painted ceilings. I recommend spending a whole day just sight seeing!

vienna, julius meinl, austria, europe trip, the life eclectic, caroline culwell

If you love coffee as much as me and my sisters do, then you must stop at a Julius Meinl coffee shop. They brew the best coffee I have ever had. They even had a small grocery store attached with all of their products for purchase. They had all sorts of teas, coffees, and chocolates. The location of this coffee house was even better. We all sat on the outdoor patio and enjoyed cappuccinos right in the middle of the city.

vienna, gold necklace, austrian market, the life eclectic, caroline culwell

Later that night we came across a little outdoor market. They had a small bar so we all grabbed ourselves a glass of wine as we shopped around for souvenirs. My sister Blair bought an awesome looking silver ring, and Katherine purchased a really cool wooden cheese board. I found a shop that was selling handmade gold pendents that were so unique. I loved the shops here because they were full of so many one-of-a-kind collectables. Vienna had such a positive and relaxing feel to it, every time we turned the corner there was another exciting event to explore!

vienna, europe trip, austrian market, food, the life eclectic, caroline culwell

vienna, europe trip, travel, the life eclectic, caroline culwell

The next morning we made plans to visit some smaller food markets. This was probably my favorite part of Vienna. There were so isles filled with little stores selling meats, cheeses, fruits, chocolates, and exotic cooking spices. We all tried so much food when walking down this market, we bought lots of little candies and other souvenirs. We came across a small restaurant that totally open to the outside market and covered by a small roof. We all had the best salads here, they were so fresh and made with the best ingredients. The food in Vienna had to have been my favorite by far! As the suns tarted to go down, we bounced around from small bars within the market, enjoying a drink at each one!

vienna, europe trip, travel, picnic, the life eclectic, caroline culwell

Our last day in Vienna was only a half day because we had to get to Budapest in the afternoon. We walked through the same food market from the day before, collecting all sorts of goodies and some good beer. We found a park nearby and enjoyed our feast. The lifestyle in Vienna was so relaxing, and experiencing so much freedom in such a beautiful place really makes you appreciate the little things in life! I will definitely be stopping by on my next trip to Europe!

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