Let Freedom Ring

My favorite way to celebrate any holiday is spending it with the people I love! My sister Katherine recently moved to Atlanta for her new job so my parents and I decided to go see her and spend the 4th of July with her. We also went to visit my Mom’s cousin’s family at their gorgeous lake house.



The lake house we went to was my Mom’s cousin’s, Tom. All of the flowers and vegetation surrounding the house made you feel like you were in a gorgeous forest. It allowed for a lot of privacy which made for a peaceful getaway.



The other really cool part was their lake front location. With a short walk down some steps, there was a two story dock fully equipped with a boat and a nice fridge full of cold brews.




The weather was absolutely wonderful! Sunny and warm during the days and cool, breezy nights. The peaches were amazing too, but I am sure anyone would guess that since we were in Georgia!


To celebrate the 4th, Tom’s wife, Laura, whipped up some amazing food. Their son Alex was in charge of the shrimp boil! I have never experienced a boil before and I was super excited to see the whole process and even more excited to eat the cooked shrimp, potatoes, and sausage.



After the water was boiling, Alex added some seasonings to the water which smelled amazing. The first ingredient to be added was the potatoes since they would take the longest to cook and absorb all the flavors!





A few minutes after the potatoes were added, it was time for the sausage. Then shortly after that the shrimp took a little swim, then it was time to eat!




The food was amazing! Anyone who is big on throwing summer parties should invest in a boiler because you can cook every all your food together and at the exact same time. This makes the clean up super easy and frees up your time to enjoy the party!


I enjoyed spending time with Alex’s wife, Emily, who has just had her first baby, Maisi! She was such a joy and was always smiling. Needless to say she stole the spotlight!


Laura often took Maisi to let Emily have some time to relax. She was also the best cook ever, we literally were spoiled at every meal.


The food was always amazing, the company was great, and the southern hospitality was even better! We really appreciated the whole visit and hope to see them again very soon!