Bitter Sweet Memories in Munich

Our next destination was Munich which I was especially excited for because of all the awesome stories I had heard. The beer gardens, giant pretzels, steins, and the Hofbrauhaus! My sister Blair was just recovering from her stomach bug as we were making our trip to Munich. We were all excited about this because we wanted to experience everything together.

We arrived later in the afternoon and enjoyed some beer at our Wombat hostel then headed to a traditional German restaurant. The food was hearty and rustic with potatoes and sauerkraut served as sides. For some reason I thought it would be a good idea to try and eat a little lighter that night to create more beer drinking room for later in the fight. I decided to eat catfish without realizing that Munich’s culinary specialties are closer to wursts (sausages), schweinshaxe (roasted pig’s knuckle), schnitzel, and knodel (dumplings). I should have just indulged in these heavy dishes, because at 1:00 am I woke up with horrible food poisoning. It was as if Blair had transferred her ill luck to me. I spent the entire night jumping down from my top bunk running to the bathroom.


The next morning my sisters were very aware of how sick I was and went down to the hostel’s breakfast to get me something stable to eat. They left it on the table and took off for their awesome bike tour. I saw that they had let me a cute little note. It made me feel a little better, but I was still very bummed about missing out on everything. Instead I spent the entire day dealing with our three foreign roommates laughing at me while I hugged the trash can helplessly in my top bunk. We did not exactly see eye to eye with these girls, so we will refer to them as ‘the others’. I am pretty sure they were making fun of me because they thought I was too hungover to do anything. I wanted to tell them to shutup, but they didn’t speak a lick of English. They spent a lot of time in the room eating sushi… fish, the food that made me sick. A combination of this fishy smell and their horrible slurping and smacking sounds was enough to make me sick, again. Unfortunately one of ‘the others’ was occupying the only bathroom in the room. Yes, I had to take my trashcan and vomit in the hallway where people could see me. I had reached an all time low at this point, I wasn’t sure how I could get over this horrible food poisoning.

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The next day I was feeling slightly better so I texted my sisters to tell them that I would like to meet up with them at one of the beer gardens. They texted me where they were and I slowly made my way in that direction. I conveniently forgot my map so I had to wait for my sister to find me as I waited by the Glockenspiel. I was starting to feel a little queazy from walking, and standing in the sun wasn’t helping either. My sister found me and we walked back to the beer garden. My stomach was now doing flips. I asked my sisters for their plastic bag they bag acquired while shopping for fresh produce just in case I needed it. All of the sudden I felt it coming, I knew I was going to be sick. I ran into a restaurant in hopes of using their bathroom. I looked to my left, raw smelly fish, I looked to my right, sauerkraut… I also got sick in the middle of the restaurant. I sprinted back outside and crouched down between a trash can and a store wall. I was wrong when I thought getting sick in the hostel hallway was bad, this was way worse. Feeling defeated and upset on missing out on the fun, I slowly walked back to the hostel.

europe travel, munich, hofbrauhaus, sisters, the life eclectic, caroline culwell


The next day I was feeling better and knew the sickness had passed. I was weak and still had a queazy stomach so I still didn’t get to enjoy any beer, but I did get to see a little bit of Munich. Even though I was totally exhausted and the sight of any food was still unsettling, I still managed to sit in the Hofbrauhaus and experience the culture that I was craving. If I learned anything from this trip to Munich I would say, no fish, and don’t book a shared hostel room with ‘the others’.

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